Services and Fees

All Services include only the Ithaca area-


  •  $15.00 Meet You and Your Pets! (Introduce me to your pet at home)


  • $15.00 Visit your pets, feed & water, clean litter box or let out briefly. (Does NOT include walks)


  • Half an Hour walk = $15.00
  • One hour walk = $25.00.
  • Each additional dog = $5.00


  • Half an hour of Jogging a dog = $20.00
  • One Hour of Jogging a dog: = $30.00


  • Pet-Sitting Overnight at YOUR private residence (6 PM – 8 AM): = $60.00 (*$5 Extra per pet*)
  • Pet-Sitting Overnight at MY private residence (6 PM – 8 AM): = $45.00 (*Only small dogs and cats*)
  • Pet-Sitting at MY home during the day (8 AM – 5 PM): = $35.00 (*Only small dogs and cats*)
  • Pet-Sitting at YOUR private residence during the day (8 AM – 5 PM): = $65.00 
  • Pet-Sitting by Hourly Rate: = $15/hr

Lot’s of Love, care, administration of medications, and attention: = *FREE


Anything outside of the downtown Ithaca area will require a gas charge. I have a fair gas formula that takes into account how many miles per gallon my specific car gets, and according to google maps, how many miles that round trip equals out to be. It will look something like this:


Honda CRV = 23 miles/gallon
Gas =            $2.89/gallon

13.6 miles  (Round Trip according to GoogleMaps) =
23 miles                                                                   .59 gallon per round trip.

.59 X $2.89 = $1.71 per visit.

$1.72 X 3 visits = $5.12

Please feel free to contact me at anytime, night or day, regarding your pet/pets, my fees, special needs, or any other pet related questions or advice. Don’t forget, Dog-Man loves all animals.

*****HOLIDAY SEASONS & Deposits for Anything Booked in Advance******

If you book DOGMAN for more than four days in a row, at least two weeks in advance, then 30% of the estimate  will be required as a deposit to lock you in on the schedule and officially book the dates. This is due to the high volume of client’s who want Christmas, Thanksgiving, New Years, the Fourth of July, etc., for over-nighters and check-ups. I must turn clients down during these weeks if I decide to take you on so there must be some measure of protection for DOGMAN and his other clients. This deposit is not applicable except for holidays, the summer season, and anything booked two weeks in advance.


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